Dynamic utility to view 'Month of Request for Examination for which FER is being issued (All Locations)'-          

GROUP    Delhi    Mumbai    Kolkata    Chennai
Electrical/Electronics    May 2011    May 2011    February 2011    May 2010
Biotechnology    May 2012    September 2012    April 2010    March 2012
Chemistry    July 2012    January 2013    June 2012    December 2010
Mechanical    December 2011    September 2010    August 2010    June 2010

Above Grid dynamically displays the information about the month and year of Request for Examination (Form 18) that are being examined and FER being issued in each examination group. The displayed month and year are only indicative in nature as it may take some time to exhaust all the RQs of a given month depending upon the work load. Applicants/Agents are therefore requested to kindly be patient and wait for their turn. If however, by any chance, the FER is not received for the RQ that are 3 months prior to currently displayed month & year of respective group, kindly submit your grievance stating the Application number, RQ number,RQ Date and other particulars at the below given message board.

Any discrepancy may please be notified to respective Patent Office on the following Email Addresses: delhi-patent@nic.in , mumbai-patent@nic.in , chennai-patent@nic.in and kolkata-patent@nic.in

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